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On our little homestead, we have many different egg-laying animals. I would love to get an ostrich or an emu… but Larry (you know, the guy from put his foot down! LOL He has been doing that for years…. but really doesn’t know how many goats or pigs we have. I don’t think that I could swing adding a 6-foot tall feathered friend in the pasture without him seeing it.

Eggs – Types of Egg:

Ostrich – 48oz, 2,000 calories – Stronger flavor than a chicken – Although an ostrich egg is the largest of all eggs, it is the smallest egg in relation to the size of the bird. The Ostrich egg is equivalent in volume to 2 dozen chicken eggs. 42 days for egg incubation

Emu – 12 oz, 75 calories – Similar to a chicken – One emu egg is equivalent to about 8 to 12 chicken eggs. 49 to 55 days for incubation

Goose – 6.5 oz, 266 calories – Richer than a chicken egg. One goose egg is roughly equal to about two regular large chicken eggs and can be substituted for such. 28-33 days for incubation

Turkey – 3.5 oz, 139 calories – Two turkey eggs will replace three chicken eggs in a recipe. 28 days for incubation

Duck – 3.0 oz, 130 calories – Duck eggs are great in omelets. We like to use duck eggs in our baking because it tends to make things more “fluffy.” Two duck eggs for every three chicken eggs 28 days for incubation (35 days for incubation for Muscovy Ducks)

Hen – 2 oz, 79 calories – Chicken eggs are very high in antioxidants (according to the Food Chemistry Journal). It is important to remember the difference between free-range hens and battery hens as the free-range hens have a wider food source from foraging and therefore lay more nutritious and better-tasting eggs. Great poached or fried. – 21 days for incubation

Bantam 1.5 oz, 50 calories – Bantam Chicken eggs have approximately a 50/50 white to yolk ratio and provide a hefty dose of the naturally In general, substitute two bantam eggs for one large egg in recipes to err on the side of caution. – 18-21 days for incubation

Quail – 0.5 oz, 14 calories – It generally takes about 4 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg, making one boiled quail egg about one bite. They have a big yolk relative to the amount of white with a richer flavor and a more delicate texture. – Coturnix is 16.5 days for incubation, Bobwhite is 23 days.

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