Toilet Paper Shortage? No Problem. Try Family Cloths

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Everywhere I turn around this week, the talk is about the CoronaVirus – And in our area, we have a shortage of toilet paper.

Since I was a little girl, it has been instilled into me that we should always be prepared for a “just in case.”

Today our “just in case” is going into effect. I have some toilet paper…. but what happens when it runs out. With a big family that could easily go through a Costco bundle in less than a month.

So for half of the price, we bought 4 yards of flannel material at hobby lobby and made family cloths… Or as my girls are calling them, WEE-WEE Cloths. <3

“The family cloth” is a reusable alternative to toilet paper, made of rags, old t-shirts, sewn fabric, or purchased cloth wipes. They are mostly used for wiping pee, but some families use them for poop and periods. Mar 9, 2018
Please Don’t Use Cloth Toilet Paper – › please-don-t-use-cloth-toilet-paper-1823649458

We made 50 out of the first 2 yards. and have just about 2 more yards to cut tomorrow. (We are sending 20 to Shelby’s house and the rest are going between the 2 bathrooms here.)

We cut 10×5 inch strips and folded them in half to make 5×5 double ply washable wipes. These can just be thrown in with our towels for laundry. Then we sewed a zigzag stitch around the 4 sides. I never pretend to be a good seamstress, but these will get the job done.

For now, the girls and I are planning on using these for just pee… And save the paper for #2. But if it comes right down to it, the whole family can use these later if need be. And if the shortage continues.

So, what we do is have a little basket with the wipes on the back of the toilet and a plastic basket to throw the used ones down on the side of the toilet. I wash towels at least 2 times a week so I will just throw them in the laundry.

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