List of “Minute to Win it” games for Kids

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Through this whole stay at home because of a virus thing has led my phone to run off of the hook. Many of my friends have kids in public school and they desired a bit of advice on schooling from home.

For us, we only do about 2 hours worth of “homework” and then we have free-time – Free time for us this week is putting together a minute to win it challenge for our family to have fun. Laughing is great for the soul!!

Through our research, I have found many ideas and I wanted to list them here. Links to sites are included below.


One of my favorite sites to go to is Hello Wonderful.

Here is their video (Not from our house but we love all of the ideas in it.

Create an Obstacle Course Using Crepe Paper

  • Take a roll of crepe paper and tape lines across a hallway wall. Zig the lines high and low. Encourage kids to walk through without breaking the crepe paper!

Ball Shaker Game

  • This was from our Minute to Win It Games. Take an empty tissue paper box and fill with ping pong balls. Take a sash, scarf or pantyhose and tie around your waste.
  • Encourage kids to shake out the balls in X number of seconds or minutes.
  • If you don’t have ping pong balls you can stuff with large bells, or anything soft, round and not too heavy

Sensory Walk or Gross Motor Footprint Handprint Activity

  • Trace one handprint and one footprint. Use that as a template to make several pairs of footprints and handprints. Tape down to colored paper. Make a gross motor game by placing your hands and feet on on the paper. 

Ping Pong Ball Toss 

  • Use varying paper tubes in heights and use painter’s tape to tape down the floor or you can even insert them on top of a cardboard box and hot glue down. Place foil over the opening and ping pong balls on top so they don’t fall down.
  • Tip: If you have large colored plastic balls you don’t need the foil. Use a ball or make your own (we crumpled a piece of leftover foil!) to knock down the balls. Or if you have a Nerf Gun, you can use that too. 

Walk the Line

  • Create different lines on the floor and have kids follow the lines for a fun gross motor game.

Line the Cars on the Line

  • You can use the same line from above and line cars along the lines. 
  • This can be any small item though! LEGO, Duplos, trains, dinosaurs, whatever your kid is into at the moment.

Ball Straw Blower Race

  • Take two paper tubes and tape to the floor. Give each kid a straw and do a ping pong ball race!
  • If the ping pong is too easy to blow, use a heavier ball or object. Test out different ones – the experimentation in creating different variations of games is also fun! 

Paper Cup Stacking

  • Recycle and reuse paper cups into a fun stacking game. How high can you go?! Get the little ones to help bring and stack cups too!

Paper Plate Toss

  • Take a paper towel roll and tape to the floor. Cut out inner circles from various paper plate sizes. Do a paper plate toss.
  • How many can you get in in how many seconds/minutes? Make it more challenging by scooting further back!

Paper Pate Ring

  • Here’s a variation of the above for toddlers, let them stack the plates inside the roll.
  • Variation – you could cut small to medium and use only white paper plates you can color in rainbow colors a fun color recognition learning activity!

Car Ramp

  • Reuse a big paper tube and drop cars down. This may sounds simple, but trust me, it keeps my toddler engaged for a good chunk of time! Use trains, small toys, dinosaurs, whatever can drop down a ramp! 
  • Variation, make it bigger! Connect a couple more tubes together! 


Here is one list that I found on:

1. Defying Gravity
Up and away! Using one hand, kids keep their balloon in the air for one minute. If this is too easy, for the half-pints you can add two balloons (or more!). Remember, no resting a balloon on a body part.

2. Ping Pong Toss
Players have one minute to try and toss ping pong balls in a container down the table. Three in a row wins, or, at the end of the minute, whoever has the most balls in his or her container. (I found 6 packs of ping pong balls at my local dollar store – but, you can also find them online on Amazon:

3. Dice Balance
The kids over at Paging Fun Mums try to see how many dice they can get on the stick in one minute (the most dice wins!). It’s a little tricky and super fun to watch!

4. Sticky Situation
This popular game requires players to bounce a ping pong ball just right, in order to land it on a piece of bread slathered in peanut butter. See the full instructions here.

5. Nose Dive
The secret weapon in this game? Petroleum jelly dabbed on the nose. Using their noses (no hands allowed), players must move five cotton balls from one bowl to another, before the minute is up.

6. Cookie Face
This is by far one of the favorites of kids just about everywhere. Not only do they get to play a super-silly game, but it’s all done with cookies. Cookies! Place a regular ol’ sandwich cookie on the child’s forehead. They’ll need to use their facial muscles to move it down their face and into their mouth—without using their hands.

7. Stack Attack
This one might not be as tasty as cookie face, but it’s still pretty popular. Give the kids one single stack of 36 plastic cups. Each child gets one minute to stack all of the cups into a pyramid and then unstack them, making a single column again.

8. Johnny Applestack
How about them apples? Another fun stacking game for kids using fruit from the kitchen—apples. Little ones have one minute to stack five apples (or three for younger kids) on top of each other and stay for three seconds.

9. Chandelier
Light up the fun! You’ll need 15 empty soda cans and four paper plates. Kids have one minute to stack cans with paper plates in between to see how high they can go.

10. This Blows
If you’re looking for a minute to win it game that your tween or teen will still get a kick out of, this is the one. Each player has one minute to blow up a balloon and then use the air that’s inside of it to knock over as many plastic cups as they can. If they still have time on the clock they can repeat the steps to blow down any leftover cups.

11. Penny Tower
How many pennies can your child stack in one minute? If they just guessed a million, they’re not exactly right. The trick to this game is that the child can only use one hand. And believe us, that makes it oh-so-challenging.

12. Nut Stacker
It’s almost like the penny game, just slightly more difficult. Instead of stacking coins with one hand, each child has one minute to stack hex nuts onto a wooden stick or dowel.

13. Junk in the Trunk
Each player will need a tissue box, pantyhose and ten ping pong balls. Put the ping pong balls in each tissue box. Then, tie the boxes around each player. Kids have one minute to shake out (no hands) as many balls as they can.

14. Doughnut Chew
A piece of cake! Of all the minute to win it games, kids will eat this one up. First, tie a string around a doughnut, then hang it between two chairs. Littles need to eat the doughnut within a minute without it falling to the floor.

15. Noodling Around
Start this minute to win it game with one strand of uncooked spaghetti. The player puts the end of the dry noodle in their mouth. She then has 60 seconds to pick up six uncooked pieces of penne pasta—with the spaghetti. Oh, and without using her hands!

16. Scoop It Up
Move six ping pong balls from one bowl to another, using only a spoon. Again, like some of the other minute to win it games, the kids can’t use their hands. Instead, each child will use a spoon—in their mouth.

17. Cereal Scramble
Cut the front of a cereal box into equal pieces. Stack the pieces into a flat tower and set a timer for one minute. Each child has their own minute to piece the cereal box together.

18. Movin’ On Up
Stack up 25 plastic cups of one color and put in one cup of a different color at the bottom. Half-pints move the top cup to the bottom and see how far they can move the single-colored cup to the top in one minute.

19. Card Ninja
Tweens and teens will get a giggle out of this minute to win it game. Slice a watermelon in half, securing it on a table or other flat surface. Give the kids cards to throw (kind of like throwing stars). Whoever gets the most cards into the melon in one minute wins.

20. Puddle Jumper
Set up a series of plastic cups. Fill them to the top with water and set a ping pong ball on the first in the row. The kids need to blow the ball from the first cup to the second. Keep going with more balls, racing to see who moves the most in one minute.

21. Peep Face Game
Got extra peeps? We love this twist on the cookie minute to win it that’s a fun game for kids at Easter. Sunflower Mom gives her little chicks one minute to stick as many peeps as they can to their face! Little bunnies think this game is funny.

22. Penny Hose
Take two of the pennies that you used for the Penny Tower game and place one at each end of a pair of pantyhose. In other words, put the pennies in the toes. The child puts one hand in each side and must get the pennies out in under one minute.

23. Go Fish!
Whether it’s crackers or mini marshmallows, this fun game for kids is easy to do. You’ll need straws and two plates. Little gamers have one minute (to win it!) to see how many fish they can transfer from one plate to another with the suction from the straw and no hands. 

24. Spin Doctor
Give it a spin! As far as a minute to win it games go, tweens find this a ton of fun. A player spins a coin on the table. A second player stops the coin with one finger on its edge (upright!). Either player can spin the coin, and it’s a win when you stop the coin for three seconds within a minute.

25. Keep it Up
As light as a feather! Little players keep two feathers in the air for one minute (or as long as they can). The catch is they can just use their breath. To make it easier for younger kids, they can use a straw.


Here is a second list that we found:

1. Chop Stick Race
Who can get the most Kix (or other round cereal) from one bowl to the other using only chopsticks? Set the egg timer for a minute!

2. Keep ‘Em Up
Can your kiddo keep a balloon (or two) in the air for a minute? Using only one hand? Using no hands (blow on it)?

3. Blue Moves
Stack 30-ish red cups on top of one blue cup. Have players rotate through all the cups until blue is on top.

4. Cookie Face
Place a cookie on each player’s forehead. Who can move the cookie to their mouth without using their hands first/fastest?

5. Bottle to Bottle
Fill one 2-Liter bottle with anything — pasta, rice, marbles, cereal, mini-marshmallows, etc. Players must try to transfer one bottle’s contents into another bottle. Whoever can transfer the most within the minute will win. Trust us: There will be a ton of spillage, so avoid liquid.

6. Roll-On, Buddy
Try to roll a potato, sweet potato or onion across the floor from one side of the room to the other.. using only your nose.

7. Human Ring Toss
Gather up hula hoops from the garage and borrow from friends and family. Pair-off players and have one play the human post while the other attempts to toss the hula hoops onto them. Who can collect the most?

8. Nose Mover
Using only their nose (and maybe a bit of peanut butter or Vaseline on the tip), how many cotton balls can you move from one bowl to the other?

9. For Whom the (Jingle) Bell Tolls
Fill and seal five boxes with an ascending numbers of jingle bells. (ex. One bell in one box, two bells in another, etc.) Players have to shake the boxes and jingle the bells and place the boxes in order of how many bells they think are in each box.

10. Faster than Egyptians
Partners get a stack of 36 plastic cups. They have one minute to build a pyramid and then break it back down and re-stack the cups. Fun fact: This is actually harder with partners.

11. Blown Away
Stack those cups back into a pyramid. During a player’s turn, blow up a balloon, aim it at the pyramid and then let it go. How may cups did you knock over? Keep going until the minute is up.

12. It’s Gonna Get Dicey
Have players hold a Popsicle stick in their mouths and try to stack and balance five dice on the end of the stick. Whomever can stack all five dice and hold them there for three seconds wins the game. Otherwise, whoever managed to get the most stacked is the winner.ADVERTISEMENTS

13. Junk in the Trunk
Players have a tissue box tied to their lower backs. Inside is 6 ping-pong balls. They have one minute to empty their boxes without using their hands.

14. Thar She Blows!
Line up plastic cups from one end of the table to the other and fill them to the brim with water. Float a ping pong ball in the first cup. You have one minute to blow your ball across the cups to the other side of the table. If your ball falls onto the table, you have to start over.

15. Look, Ma, No Fingers
Have players wear oven mitts and unwrap candy. Whoever can unwrap the most candy in a minute is the winner.

16. Ping Pong Toss
Collect a few egg cartons, cut off the tops and tape them together to form a giant grid of divots. Players have a minute to see how many ping pong balls they can bounce into the egg cups.

17. Cotton Ball Scoop
Sprinkle cotton balls on a table around a centrally located bowl. Give a player a spoon and blindfold them. They have a minute to find cotton balls and put them in the bowl.

18. The Paper Bag Game
Place a brown paper lunch or grocery bag opened up on the floor — One for each player. When the clock starts, players must squat down, bite onto the paper bag and pick it up without touching the floor. Once they’re standing, they tear off the part of the bag that their lips touched, place it back on the floor and start over. This, of course, gets harder as the bag gets shorter.

19. Less-Violent Fruit Ninja
Let your kids chuck playing cards into a halved watermelon for one minute. Winner can either be: Whoever got the most cards stuck or whomever has the highest total when you add up the value of the stuck cards.

20. Save the Joker
Place a stack of cards (with the joker on the bottom) atop a container. Each player has a minute to blow away the rest of the stack and leave just the joker remaining. If they lose the joker, they lose the game.

21. One-handed Bracelet
Everyone has one minute to thread Cheerios or Fruit Loops onto a pipe cleaner using only one hand. Next, can they fasten it around their wrist?

22. Silly Elephants on Parade
Line up water bottles in a long row. Next, put a tennis ball in the toe of a pair of pantyhose, then pull the waist over the player’s head. The player must walk down the line swinging their head (and, thus, the ball) attempting to knock over as many bottles as possible.

23. Tallest Tower
How many pennies/cereal pieces can you stack in one minute, using only one hand? Tallest tower wins. (Too easy? Make bigger kids and grown-ups use their less dominant hand.)

24. A Penny Earned
Place one penny in each toe of a pair of pantyhose, then have the player wear the hose on their arms like sleeves. They have one minute to get the hose off and retrieve the pennies.

25. Taller Tallest Tower
Given 20 empty cans and 4-6 paper plates each, who has the tallest tower at the end of a minute?

26. Cereal Scramble
Cut the front of a cereal box into 14 squares. Give each player a minute to reassemble the front of their box.

27. Marshmallow Toss
Giant Marshmallows tossed into tiny cups. Partners 4-ish feet apart. Who can catch the most in a minute?

28. Sketti Scoop
With a piece of uncooked spaghetti in their mouths, kiddos have one minute to thread five pieces of penne pasta onto their spaghetti stick.

29. Mummify Me
Players pair off and have a minute to wrap their partners in toilet paper. The team with the best coverage wins.

30. Caught Red-Nosed
Before you begin festivities, hot glue a red pom-pom on the end of 12-18 inches of ribbon. Make one for each person playing. Players must hold the end of the ribbon in their mouths and have a minute to fling the pom-pom up onto their nose, so that it sticks onto a dab of petroleum jelly.

31. That’s Nuts!
Using an uncooked stick of spaghetti, a straw or a kebab steak, players must stack up nuts on their flat ends.

32. Apple Stack
Allot five apples per player and give them a minute to see if they can get all five of the lumpy fruits stacked on top of each other.

33. Kid Pong
For a slightly easier game, line up six cups for each player and give them each six ping pong balls. Give everyone a minute to get all six balls into their cups.

34. Two-Man Ping Pong B-Ball
Use a small trash can as the “basket.” Give one player an allotted number of ping pong balls and another player a clipboard. Player 1 must bounce each ping pong ball off Player 2’s backboard (the clipboard) and into the basket. Player 2 can help their partner by moving around to “catch” the ball on the clipboard and help aim the bounce in the right direction.

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