Fun Summer Craft – Tie-dye

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In my ongoing journey for finding fun and inexpensive crafts for my crew as summer arrives, here is a fun project to do with your kids. Check back every Tuesday for another summer activity.

We like hands-on. We like crafts. We like hands-on crafts. My younger 4 especially love to do crafts together. (Time marches on and they are not that young anymore! Gray is just about 10, Tryst and Rowan are 12 and Berlyn is 14!! Where did the time go!?!?)

Tulip company has some great colors for tie-dying. And some different kits available.

For this project, I had Berlyn wanting a black and white tie-dyed shirt with a vinyl iron-on of Darth Vader (yes, that boy reaches – but this mama has got him covered – Check out the post on the vinyl cutout – Link and directions and Graysie wanted a shirt and matching backpack in teals and purples.

So what do you need to get started?

You will need dye, an item to dye, rubber bands, gloves, and a plastic bag. (You will also need a table covering that is made out of plastic – We used a garbage bag that we taped down.)

After 6 hours, you will need a washing machine.

What I can say…. garbage bags make a great table cloth for this project.

Kids should only wear what they can get inked… Grayson’s pink romper will now be tie-dyed the next time that we do a project because she managed to tie-dye her clothes, leg, arm and one of her flipflops.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns, twists, and color combinations.

NEBULA OR CRUMPLE DESIGN – Even very young kids can help make this cosmic tie-dye design. First, wet the shirt and lay it flat. With your fingers, scrunch and wrinkle the fabric, gathering it into a tight disk. Wrap several rubber bands around the disk. The tighter you bind it, the more white there will be in the final shirt.

This is what Berlyn did for his black and white shirt. He did not do alot of saturation on his shirt, so there was a ton of white left over on it.

SPIRAL DESIGN – This spiral pattern (shown on the yellow shirt) will have you and your kids doing the twist. Choose a spot in the center of the shirt, between the armpits; with your thumb and forefinger, press down and twist the fabric clockwise. Try to keep the resulting folds at approximately the same height, creating a shape like a flat cinnamon roll. Wrap the shape tightly with rubber bands, as shown. The tighter you bind the shirt, the more white there will be in the design.

This is what Grayson and Trystan did on their bandanas.

The Bullseye design is another AWESOME and fun looking design that you can make.

I love how individual each design is. We will have another post at the end of June with the Red White and Blue shirts that we make to wear on 4th of July.

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