Themed Halloween costumes for families

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Here is a recap of a post that we had last year. I am not certain what our plans are yet for 2020 and our costumes. However I will post it as soon as we as a family figure it out.

Over the last dozen years, we have been adding and adding to our family. Take a look at our themes of costumes over the years. All but this year’s Halloween costume was homemade or repurposed. Check out some of the Halloween costume ideas!

2008 – Pirates – The pirate costumes were fun. We took $30 to goodwill and tore-up, restitched and dirtied up old clothes to make the pirate clothing. We had many of the hats and eye patches in our dress-up trunk.

2009 – Pioneers – This one took a bit of simple sewing and some free patterns online… Aprons, Skirts, and hats for the girls and cowboys for the boys.

2010 – 1950’s theme – white shirts from Goodwill, and homemade poodle skirts. Boys were jeans, white tee-shits, and jackets.

2012 – Superheroes – This year, we added 2 of our sons to the family The kids got to make-up superheroes – Masks were created with a homemade paper pattern and felt & ribbon.

2013 – Minions – don’t let the overalls trick you. They are blue jeans with a safety-pinned front. The hats were ordered off of Amazon with black yarn added to the top. The goggles were made out of felt and ribbon.

2014 – Garden Gnomes – Challenge accepted. My dad had a booth this year at the local trunk or treat for our town. I made 17 costumes this year. The hat was sewed off of a free pattern. The tunic was a piece of felt with a slit cut in it for the head! Beards took all day to sew – also a free pattern online. If you want to just buy the hats, I included a link below.

2015 – Tacky Tourists – This was the year that there was NO SEWING!! TACKY TOURISTS! everything was already in closets or from Goodwill. Fast, easy, unmatched and themed!

2016 – Glow stick men – Take black or dark blue sweat outfits… and (clear shipping) tape glowsticks to look like men. Dollar store, here we come!

2018 – Jellyfish – Umbrellas with battery-powered lights, streamers, large google eyes from the dollar store. Here is the post about making them:

And 2019 – Blow-up Dinos – (These are NOT CHEAP! But, oh so fun!!) HAHAHA! There has been an obsession in our house with the blownup dino costumes… so for several months, we have been ordering them. 🙂

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