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Grayson’s #KidsCookDinnerChallenge – Look what she made!

Kids Cook Dinner Challenge – What did she do with the $20? This week was Grayson’s turn for the #KidsCookDinnerChallenge‚Äč…

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Rowan’s #KidsCookDinnerChallenge – Look what she made!

Kids Cook Dinner Challenge – What did she do with the $20? This week was Rowan’s turn for the #KidsCookDinnerChallenge‚Äč…

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#KidsCookDinnerChallenge For those who know us, know that we as a family #1 LOVE to spend time together challenging each…

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Homeschool Science Experiment -Exploding Watermelon

#homeschoolreview #twothumbsup #krisandlarryhomeschoolapproved #homeschool #homeschoollmusc #amazoninfluencer #watermeoln homeschool Approved. Like, Share, Subscribe, and Ring a bell. Today we are…

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Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

There is no better time to have a scavenger hunt. Here are some downloads for both indoor and outdoor. GO…

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Learning to homestead with a small property

20 years of researching has led me to the conclusion that you can homestead on truly any size property. You…

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Summertime Activity – Repurpose old furniture

Poor Shelby… Her room in our home doesn’t have a closet. I am assuming that it was meant to be…

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To conquer the kid piles – organizing the items that get thrown in mom’s room.

I don’t know about the rest of you but mom’s office and mom and dad’s bedroom seem to be the…

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Let’s Play a GAME!!! Name that Kitchen Tool

Lar and I are going through drawers in the kitchen – And we came across this in the silverware drawer…….

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My Lifetime Story 2010 Challenge

As the year is coming to an end we are busy planning for next year.¬† In 2010 we are going…