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Our 2020 babies are starting to be born… we have a small waiting list, but if you are interested, please let us know!¬†

Meet our AMAZING Herd

2018 Kidding Season


Bred To

Due/Kid Date

Senior Does
Basil  Remeo
Clover  Remeo 3
Meadow  Prince 3
Cocoa Remeo 1
Roo 3
 Ginger Prince
Junior Does
 Juliette, Moon and Sass Not bred this year
Look at some of our 20
17 mamas and babies

Our Bucks

Krisandlarry Prince of Spots

aka “Prince”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Buck)

Born: March 30, 2016

Prince is available for Stud Sire Services (Must have CL/CAE testing within the last 6 months for breeding) He is a registered purebred.  His lineage is available upon request.

Our Does


Veteran’s Starry Night

aka “Star”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)

Born: 1/7/2013

This mama gives us such delicious milk (and we make it into cheese often). Star loves being brushed.

2016 – 1 doeling born on 2/7/2016

2017 – 2 doelings born on 2/26/2017

11800502_871347029568366_8635547116801719387_nAZ Ranch Crimson & Clover

aka “Clover”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)

IMG_20150830_095240301Born: February 11, 2015

We always know when Clover girl is happy…. She will lay her head on your lap and start chewing her cud. This little lady loves to snuggle with people… I am sure that she thinks that she is a person. Clover is also the “baby stealer” in the herd, and tries to claim all babies as her own. Rowan is showing this mama at the Yavapai County Fair 4H expo in the Dairy Goat division in 2017.

2016 Р1 doeling born on  2/7/2016

2017 РTriplets, 3 doelings,  born on 1/3/2017

AZ Ranch Sweet Basil

aka “Basil”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)

Born: February 13, 2015

Basil is the “talker” in our herd. She will remind you how to feed her, how to brush her and let you know what the temperature is outside. Too bad the peoples in her life don’t speak Nubian Goat. She and Clover are half sisters.

2016 Р1 buckling (one of our breeders, Prince) born on  3/30/2016

2017 – 2 bucklings born on 1/5/2017


Goats of Gilead Meadow Flower

aka “Meadow”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)
Born: April 11, 2015

This mama just kept getting wider and wider with her last pregnancy… we thought for certain quads, instead she gave us 2 big and beautiful babies. Meadow likes to watch new visitors from afar.

2016 Р1 buckling and 1 doeling born on  6/7/2016

2017 –

Goats of Gilead Gingersnap

aka “Ginger”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)

Born: 6/7/2016

This little redhead is as fiery as her name.  She is the daughter to Meadow Flower.

KrisandLarry Hot Cocoa Latte

aka “Cocoa”

(Registered Purebred Nubian Doe)

Born:  1/3/2017

2017 Kidding Season


Bred To

Due/Kid Date

Senior Does
Star  Declan Twins Р2 Doelings born 2/26/2017 РRegistered Purebred Nubians (2 does retain 2017)
Basil  Declan Twins Р2 bucklings, born 1/5/2017 РRegistered Purebred Nubians, both retained
Clover ¬†Declan Triplets- 3¬†doelings, born 1/3/2017 – Registered Purebred¬†Nubians –¬†SOLD (all 3 retained)
Meadow  Declan  3/25/2017 Р1 buckling AVAILABLE
Spicy Girl  Declan Twins Р2 doelings, born 2/17/2017 РGrade Registered Nubians, all retained, 
 Junior Does
Sage  Prince Triplets Р3 buckings, born 3/21/201 7  РRegistered American Nubians Р1 AVAILABLE
Ava ¬†Declan ¬†Twins¬†– 2 doelings, born 1/1/2017 – Registered American Nubians –¬†SOLD (both retained)
Giovanna ¬†Declan Twins¬†– 1¬†doeling, 1 buckling, born 1/7/2017 – Registered American Nubians –¬†both sold
 Ginger  Not bred in 2016
 Jupiter  Not bred in 2016

2016 Kidding Season


Bred To

Due/Kid Date

Pepper Mor Dubh ¬†2 bucklings born 2/1/2016 (unregistered) ¬†wethered –¬†SOLD
Star Mor Dubh 1 doeling born 2/7/16  (unregistered) SOLD
Basil  Declan 1 buckling born 3/30/16 (babies registered) 


Clover  Declan 1 doeling born 2/7/16 (unregistered) SOLD
Sage ¬†Declan ¬†No babies this season. … Watch for ¬†her in 2017
Meadow  David  1 doeling and 1 buckling born on 6/7/2015


Spicy Earsa  Imperial (La Mancha)  2 doelings born on 1/23/2016 (unregistered) SOLD
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