Our Homestead

On our homestead, we raise many different animals for meat or other supplies. We have Nubian goats for meat and milk, pigs (both Kunekune and Yorkshires), turkeys, and rabbits for meat, chickens for eggs and meat, ducks and geese for eggs.

Meet WILBUR! He is our KuneKune Boar (Pig). This gentle giant thinks that he is a dog on our homestead. 


MEET FERN! (Yes, our KuneKunes have a Charlotte’s Web Theme!)


This little lady is our breeder. We can’t wait for Kune babies to be running around!!!



And lastly, this is Ireland, Our Kune born at the beginning of January, 2016. 


Meet Hammy! (Lady Hamilton)


This pig originally was scheduled to fill our freezer. Then, after discovering how AMAZING she is, is now a breeder sow for us. 

Hammy has officially been bred to  “Hopeful”! Due Date is Approximately July 29, 2016.


Saucy was one of my “3 little pigs”. However because Hammy’s first breeding didn’t take, we decided to keep her on so that we could have a “back-up” pig for breeding. 

Saucy has officially been bred to  “Hopeful”! Due Date is Approximately July 17, 2016.


This season, we picked up a breeder male as well. His name is Polka-butt because of his dots on his rump. He will be our next season breeder. 

Every season, we have a pig or two that we also raise for meat for our family. Our goal is not to have to go to the store to purchase any meat in the future.


Check out these QUAIL! 



We have been raising quail and selling babies for about 7 months now. Quail are a fast turn-around meat and egg producer. They are full grow at about 8 weeks old and start laying eggs at that time. 3 quail eggs are the equivalent to 1 chicken egg.

We currently have 16 adults out in the quail yard and 18 in the garage in brooder boxes ready to move out.

When we have babies for sale, they run $3 each for 2 weeks and younger and $5 for over 2 week old. We incubate our quail eggs year round. If you are interested in quail eggs for eating, please let us know and we can pull some aside for you.

Hello Turkeys!

Meet this season’s turkeys. We have 4 Toms (actually, under 18 months old they are called Jakes) and 2 hens… This crew is about 10 months old. They have just begun laying… and we have hatched out a handful of their babies…. Looking forward to Thanksgiving this next year!!turkeys1

Do you know what that means?

We have 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner this year!turkeys2

Incubation Period Chart 
for Gamebirds and Domestic birds.



  • Coturnix Quail
   17-18 day
Chukar Partridge    22-23 days
  • Ringneck Pheasant
   23-24 days
  • Chicken and Bantam
   21 days
  • Turkey
   28 days
  • Grouse
   25 days
  • Peafowl
   28-30 days
  • Duck
   28 days
  • Muscovy Duck
   35-37 days
  • Goose
   28-34 days
  • Guinea
   28 days
  • Pigeon
   17 days



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