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Meet the Kunes – Construction on our homestead

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Wednesday Freebie – Barnyard Fun Stamped

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Meet me on the homestead – Kunekune pigs

Our baby “War Pigs” have grown up and that includes Haka, the littlest runt from the litter of December 2017….

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2017 Kunekunes – favorite pigs

Have you gotten a chance to see our baby “War Pigs”? If you were at the Heights church for the…

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Piglets born on our homestead

Today we were blessed with 6 piglets on our homestead. Although we were hoping for more, these 6 are healthy…

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Weighing a pig with no scale

We have been using the following technique to  weigh our meat pigs. Measure around their heart girth… Easiest way to measure…

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Piglets and Pig Raising

Purchase Piglet $150.00 and take it home with you. OR Purchase a piglet and have us raise it for you….